Caring for your Candles

How to ensure safe burning and caring for my candle?

• Always burn your candle within sight. Do not burn the candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.
• Keep burning candles away from flammable materials, children and pets.
• Do not light your candles on or near any objects that can catch fire.
• Burn candle on flat, heat resistant surfaces.
• Keep your lid on when not in use to avoid any dust, debris, or any other materials collect in the wax. Remove all wick trimmings from the vessel.
• Do not place your candle in a draft filled area such as a hallway or near a window.


What to do if my cotton wick keeps flaming out?

• On the first burn, allow the wax to fully melt to the edge of the can.
• Remember to trim your wick by breaking off the top black bits of the wick with your fingers, or just use nail clippers to shorten the wick to be about 3mm - 5mm.
• Do not burn the candle for longer than 3-4 hours at a time. it's time for a new candle when there is 1.5cm wax remaining.


Why is my flame too high?

Too high of a flame means that it's time to trim your wick. 


Is trimming wick important? Can I don't trim my wick?

Trimming the wick allows the flame to have a clearer and brighter burn. Keeping wicks shorter also means your candles will have a cleaner burn and less smoke.


Why is there mushrooming on my wick?

Mushrooming of wick occurs due to carbon build up. You will need to trim/cut off the mushroom part of the wick in order to ensure clean and safe burning of your candles. To avoid mushrooming, please trim your wick regularly and do not burn your candles for more than 4 hours at a time.


How can I stop my candle from tunneling?

Tunneling happens if you extinguish the flame before its optimal burn time (3-4 hours), leaving a literal ‘tunnel’ around your candle. This leftover wax means your candle won’t achieve its maximum burn potential and can become difficult to light later on.

Please ensure that you are burning your candle until the entire top layer is melted. 


What can I do with my leftover wax/tunnelling candle?

There are a number of things you can do to help your candle burn evenly and efficiently, leaving as little residual wax as possible. The most common method is using foil:

1. Light your candle. Poke a hole in a piece of aluminium foil and place around the top of the candle.

2. This will allow the edges to melt down. Make sure on first burn to always leave your candle lit until all the wax has melted to the edge.

About Our Candles

What are Velitaz candles made of, and how are they really eco-friendly?

In our candles, we use a proprietary blend of renewable soy wax, along with other vegetable waxes and food-grade preservative. Our wax ensures a clean, non-toxic burn, while also giving a superior scent throw and longer burning time compared to pure soy wax alone. 

We also use cotton wicks in our candles, that are made of natural fibres resulting in a cleaner burn, controlled and efficient heating. 

Along with our clean ingredients, we also use sustainable materials in other aspects of our business, such as packaging, cards and fragrance oils.

Are the fragrance you use safe?

Our custom fragrances are blended in-house to give you the most unique scents.


Our fragrances are:


Various categories of toxins can pose adverse health effects from exposure. We're proud to say that our fragrances do not contain reproductive, acute or organ toxins. 


Phthalates are scent carriers that help scents linger longer. Some types of phthalates can affect the reproductive system. None of our fragrances contain phthalates.


We do not, and will never ever participate in harming animals. As with all our other ingredients and materials, everything we use are cruelty-free.


How about your supplies & materials?

Our glass jars are 100% recyclable and can be repurposed as well. 

Apart from the product itself, we also use 100% post-consumer paper with shipping boxes made of recycled content (and is recyclable too!)

We are constantly working to find ways to improve and actively trying to find greener alternatives as we move forward.


Hand poured in Singapore

We ensure our candles are made in small quantities to maintain quality and to avoid unnecessary waste.



Do you offer self-collection?

Yes! We offer local pick up at our studio office. Place your order online and select local pick up. Wait for an order ready confirmation before picking up. 

*Note: We do not accept walk-ins. Please ensure you contact us for an appointment first. 


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Due to the nature of our products, used candles cannot be returned or refunded. We also do not offer refunds on change of mind purchases.

However, we will replace products damaged during shipment. Please provide us with a photographic proof of damage and receipt within 48 hours of receiving your order.


Do you do wholesale or custom orders?

Yes, please email us at hello@velitaz.com with more details!


If you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQ, feel free to email us at hello@velitaz.com